Core Berberine Blend (2 oz)

Core Berberine Blend is a Spagyric preparation of botanical ingredients with phytochemicals that help fend off microbes.*
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Core Berberine Blend is a Spagyric preparation of botanical ingredients with phytochemicals that help fend off microbes. Berberine is an active phytochemical alkaloid found in medicinal herbs that has been demonstrated in many studies to exert antimicrobial effects on a broad variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It is thought that berberine triggers white blood cells to target these microbes and that it stimulates more blood flow to the spleen, which filters the blood, activates lymphocyte proliferation and activates immune response. Barberry, Coptis, Oregon Grape and Goldenseal are all berberinecontaining herbs to assist the body in the elimination of microbial toxins. These botanicals have also been used traditionally as a tonic for inflamed mucous membranes throughout the body, skin conditions, liver and gall bladder imbalances and digestive disorders of all kinds. Core Berberine Blend is a formulation containing herbs known to have a high content of berberine. Thus, it may assist any healing strategy which activates the immune response where microbes over-burden the body, and also to support the digestive system, including the organs associated with digestion.

  • Recommended Usage: 30 drops orally (in water or juice if desired) twice daily AM/PM, or as directed.*
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