Dopa Tropic Pwd (132 Grams) by Biotics Research

DopaTropic™ Powder contains a naturally occurring source of L-Dopa from the Mucuna pruriens plant.*
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DopaTropic™ Powder contains a naturally occurring source of L-Dopa from the Mucuna pruriens plant. L-dopa (aka levodopa; L-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) is a naturally occurring amino acid which is converted to the catecholamine neurotransmitter dopamine. As one of the monoamine neurotransmitters, dopamine is largely responsible for regulating physical movement, emotion, and the pleasure and motivation centers of the brain. It plays a neurocognitive role, particularly with memory, problem solving, motivation, learning, and the ability to focus. Additionally, dopamine acts on the sympathetic nervous system, thus it impacts physiological functions such as heart rate and blood pressure.

Dopamine receptors are found on leukocytes in varying but significant levels, thus dopamine is considered to be immunoregulatory in nature. Low levels or imbalances of dopamine have been associated with depressed mood, addiction, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity and/or lethargy, and muscle stiffness.

Through its effects on the neurotransmitter dopamine, Mucuna may have a positive effect on mood and neurological function. Several studies reference Mucuna pruriens abilty to increase libido, improve sperm quality and enhance male fertility by its action on the hypothalamus-pituitarygonadal axis. In addition to possessing antioxidant activity, Mucuna has been shown to demonstrate metal chelating activity, particularly iron. Practitioners commonly report that fibromyalgic patients respond very well to Mucuna supplementation. Each serving of DopaTropic™ Powder is sweetened with erythritol for enhanced palatability. This format allows for easy and optimal dosing.

Usage of Biotics Research DopaTropic™ Powder: Recommendation: One serving (2 teaspoons) each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Precautions for Biotics Research DopaTropic™ Powder: Avoid use in pregnant or lactating patients, and those with psychosis or schizophrenia. Those taking monoamine inhibitors (MAOIs), anticoagulants, antidiabetics, or drugs associated with Parkinson’s disease should only use Mucuna pruriens cautiously and under the direct supervision of their physician.
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