Finest Pure Fish Oil (200 ml) by Pharmax

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil: Omega-3 essential fatty acids in concentrated oil form. When taken in conjunction with a low fat diet, fish oils can help to regulate serum lipid and cholesterol levels.*
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Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil: The best fish oil product ever? The benefits to cardiovascular health of increased intake levels of EPA and DHA-containing fish and fish oils are now universally acknowledged by scientific and clinical authorities worldwide. Moreover, there is increasing recognition of the role of EPA and DHA in the relief of many inflammatory and allergic disorders and in the maintenance and stimulation of mental health in both children and adults.

Unfortunately, achieving the required intakes of EPA and DHA consistently is often difficult, simply because many people do not like the smell or taste of fish oil. To receive desired amounts in capsules would take a large number each day.

This new, highly purified and concentrated fish oil product, combines high concentrations of EPA and DHA with ultra low levels of contaminants. The taste is so good you'll even lick the spoon!

  • Each 5ml contains: Total omega-3 fatty acids of 2,250mg with 1,050mg EPA and 750mg DHA
  • The finest pure fish oil with essential oil of orange, no heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Virtually no fish taste or odor.
  • Lowest levels of Mercury, PAH's and PCB's.

    Recommended Intake: 1 to 4 teaspoons (5-20ml)daily with meals.*
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