Homeopathic- #7 Heavy Metal Detox (Water Based Formula-0.035% ethanol) (4 ounces)

The Homeopathic Heavy Metal Detox is wonderful in aiding the body in the removal of heavy metals.*
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Homeopathics: Homeopathy, from Greek homoeo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering) is a system of medicine based on treating like with like.

Most individuals have more lead and mercury in their body than is compatible with optimal health. Research has estimated that in excess of 50% of the U.S. population suffers from some form of heavy metal toxicity. Many of the heavy metals in the body are a result of environmental contamination due to industry. Common sources of heavy metal toxicity, in addition to industrial sources, include mercury from dental fillings, lead from pesticide sprays, cooking utensils, solder in tin cans, cigarette smoke, contaminated fish, cosmetics and antacids. Early signs of heavy metal poisoning are vague and often attributed to other problems. Symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, indigestion, tremors, constipation, anemia, pallor, dizziness and poor coordination. Even minimal heavy metal toxicity can impair the ability to think clearly or to have mental concentration. An abundance of research and information indicates that chronic heavy metal toxicity is a major problem in our modern society. The removal of this burden should be taken very seriously.

The Homeopathic Heavy Metal Detox is wonderful in aiding the body in the removal of heavy metals. It is also safe and easy to do.*
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